Ous Mellouli Wins 5K Worlds Over Eric Hedlin

Ous Mellouli Wins 5K Worlds Over Eric Hedlin

The world knows that Ous Mellouli is going to be a factor in every race he enters, but only the Canadians knew what they had in store at the 2013 FINA World Championships.

Mellouli kicked off the championships with his second straight gold medal victory in a major open water race after his dominant 10 km victory at the 2012 Olympics last summer (shown on left from London). “I didn’t expect to win the 5 km. I am really happy with the results. I did take six months off and got back into training not too long ago. To be on top of the world is quite exciting for me.”

And excitement ran deep throughout the podium winners. The silver medal for Canadian Eric Hedlin was especially welcomed by the newcomer. He pushed Mellouli and forced the Tunisian to dig deep and win over the last 100 meters. But the 20-year-old certainly showed the world that Canada is on track to make some serious waves in the open water world.

The final results in the opening salvo of the open water competition among the highest echelon of men. Some excellent showings by Chad Ho (4th), Jarrod Port of Australia (5th), Samuel de Bona of Brazil (6th), and Ivan Endrica of Ecuador (7th) gives a hint of the not-so-surprising hunger of the next generation of open water stars.

1. Oussama Mellouli (TUNISIA) 53:30.4
2. Eric Hedlin (CANADA) 53:31.6
3. Thomas Lurz (GERMANY) 53:32.2
4. Chad Ho (SOUTH AFRICA) 53:33.7
5. Jarrod Poort (AUSTRALIA) 53:34.3
6. Samuel De Bona (BRAZIL) 53:34.9
7. Ivan Alejandro Endrica Ochoa (ECUADOR) 53:36.7
8. Sergey Bolshakov (RUSSIA) 53:36.8
9. Damien Cattin-Vidal (FRANCE) 53:38.4
10. Igor Chervynskiy (UKRAINE) 53:38.4
11. Rob Muffels (GERMANY) 53:38.5
12. Evgeni Drattcev (RUSSIA) 53:38.6
13. Andrew Gemmell (USA) 53:38.7
14. Vasco Gaspar (PORTUGAL) 53:40.5
15. Miguel Angel Rozas Lopez (SPAIN) 53:40.6
16. Federico Vanelli (ITALY) 53:42.3
17. Yuval Safra (ISRAEL) 53:43.8
18. Kane Radford (NEW ZEALAND) 53:44.3
19. Rhys Mainstone-Hodson (AUSTRALIA) 53:44.4
20. Ventsislav Aydarski (BULGARIA) 53:45.6
21. Jan Pošmourný (CZECH REPUBLIC) 53:45.7
22. Sean Ryan (UNITED STATES) 53:45.9
23. Philippe Guertin (CANADA) 53:46.4
24. Luca Ferretti (ITALY) 53:47.1
25. Yuto Kobayashi (JAPAN) 53:48.0
26. Thomas Snelson Kilbride (SPAIN) 53:49.3
27. Daniel Marais (SOUTH AFRICA) 53:51.0
28. Mark Papp (HUNGARY) 53:55.3
29. Enzo Vial-Collet (FRANCE) 53:59.6
30. Luis Rogerio Arapiraca (BRAZIL) 53:59.7
31. Wenchao Xu (CHINA) 54:01.0
32. Ján Kútnik (CZECH REPUBLIC) 54:01.2
33. Igor Snitko (UKRAINE) 54:01.2
34. Johndry Segovia (VENEZUELA) 54:02.3
35. Yuanpeng Lang (CHINA) 54:02.4
36. Adel Ragab (EGYPT) 54:20.4
37. Vitaliy Khudyakov (KAZAKHSTAN) 54:24.8
38. Phillip Ryan (NEW ZEALAND) 56:17.5
39. Ahmad M.T. Jebril (PALESTINE) 57:04.0
40. Youssef Hossameldeen (EGYPT) 57:08.5
41. Seifeddine Sghair (TUNISIA) 57:10.1
42. Francisco Montero (COSTA RICA) 57:19.4
43. Vladimir Tolikin (KAZAKHSTAN) 57:40.9
44. Rodolfo Sanchez (COSTA RICA) 59:48.1
45. Vicente Vidal Kubiersky (CHILE) 1:00:02.1
46. Ching Leung Sunny Poon (HONG KONG) 1:00:05.9
47. Manuel Meneses (GUATEMALA) 1:00:08.5
48. Walter Rodrigo Caballero Quilla (BOLIVIA) 1:00:11.9
49. Chun Hong Li (HONG KONG) 1:00:15.9
50. Abdul Hady (INDONESIA) 1:00:40.7
51. Hayden Vickers (COOK ISLANDS) 1:10:56.3
52. Ahmed Adam Abdelrahman (SUDAN) 1:23:17.5
Amgad Mesad Elsaroor (SUDAN) OTL
Fernando Sevilla Garcia (MEXICO) DSQ

Water temperature was 23.8ºC (74.8ºF) with an air temperature of 32.2ºC (90ºF) and a relative humidity of 80%.

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