Outreach In The Sea, Across The Country

Outreach In The Sea, Across The Country

Ouma is an Arabic word, a typical and popular word used in Tunisia that means swim in the sea.

As a result of Nejib Belhedi‘s 1400K Swim Across Tunisia, Tunisian Al Watanya 1 TV will announce on January 1st 2012 that all people of Tunisia of every age and background are encouraged to upload their videos of their sea swims during 2012.

The videos will be uploaded to a special Facebook page called Ouma, 1400K Swim Across Tunisia. During the summer as Nejib finishes his 1400K stage swim, all Tunisians will be able to virtually and emotionally participate in his swim across his country. “When I talked with different local communities about this nationwide initiative, they saluted it especially parents who want to see their children become so connected with swimming and the sea. Ouma has a spirit and soul. It is used as a warm invitation for friends and families to invite them for a swim in the sea.

Ouma is often used like ‘haya naamlou Ouma’ which means in English ‘come and swim cheerfully in the sea.’ In fact, ouma refers to being in a frame of mind infused with peace and friendship as people gather to swim

What a wonderful way to encourage future generations to take up the sport of open water swimming. One swimmer can change his world.

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Steven Munatones