Overachiever Thomas Bell

Overachiever Thomas Bell

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Thomas Bell became the 111th person in history to achieve the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

I always enjoyed swimming, but I did not have the time to pursue it in college,” explains Bell. “I also enjoy other endurance sports like cycling and rowing, and set swimming the English Channel as a goal to motivate me to train hard.”

He has obviously overachieved in that regard.

After setting the English Channel as a goal, he ended up completing the Catalina Channel in 2013 in 11 hours 0 minutes, the English Channel in 2014 in 15 hours 53 minutes, and a completion of the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim this weekend in 8 hours 6 minutes.

My other swims included two attempts at the Tampa Bay Marathon Swim, the Little Red Lighthouse Swim, and a couple 9-milers in Ocean City, Maryland.”

Thomas Bell describes his Triple Crown achievement in detail here.

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