Oxford vs. Cambridge, Live From The English Channel

Oxford vs. Cambridge, Live From The English Channel

The Oxford-Cambridge Channel Race occurred today utilizing modern technologies to showcase the beauty and challenge of open water swimming.

The positions of the relay swim teams from two of the world’s most esteemed institutions of higher learning were shown live on the Internet while tweets were also sent live and charitable donations were solicited.

Although Cambridge eventually won in a fast time of 8.55, just slightly ahead of Oxford‘s 9:03, the real winners are the fans of English Channel swimming.

The inaugural Cross-Channel Relay Race between Oxford and Cambridge Universities started ten years ago and has been a great way to publicize the sport and its athletes.

With the Cambridge victory this year, the grudge match with Oxford is now all tied up at three victories each. The first race saw both teams reach France within 2 minutes of each other and, according to the rules of the competition, the race was declared a draw. Since then, Oxford and Cambridge have met 5 more times in the Channel. The most recent race in 2008 saw the teams face the roughest conditions yet, with Oxford winning 10:00 to Cambridge’s 10:20.

The results have been as follows:

1998 Cambridge: 9:24 vs. Oxford: 9:25 (Draw)
2000 Cambridge: 8:25 vs. Oxford: 8:18
2002 Cambridge: 9:19 vs. Oxford: 9:06
2004 Cambridge: 8:49 vs. Oxford: 9:19
2006 Cambridge: 10:22 vs. Oxford: 10:48
2008 Cambridge: 10:20 vs. Oxford: 10:00

So when are Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Australian National University, McGill University, University of Edinburgh, University of Tokyo, Kyoto University and Ecole Normale Supérieure going to start their own competitions with their rivals?

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