Pablo Fernández Álvarez Across Vietnam's Ha Long Bay

Pablo Fernández Álvarez Across Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay

Pablo Fernández Álvarez Across Ha Long Bay In Vietnam
Courtesy of WOWSA, Maui – Molokai – Lanai, Hawaii.

Before landing in Miami and driving to Jupiter to start his 100 km Century Swim in the Gulf Stream, Florida on Tuesday next week, Pablo Fernández has swum from Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay, in the Senegambia Open Water Challenge from Senegal to Gambia, in the Agulhas Current along the KwaZulu Natal Coast in South Africa in the Great Shark Swim, from the U.S. Virgin Islands to Puerto Rico, across the Strait of Gibraltar, and down Ha Long Bay in Vietnam [see above], in a global circuit of charity open water swims.

Fernández‘s Century Swim in the Gulf Stream will stretch 100 km from 26 deg 57.0’N 79 deg 51.0′ W to 27 deg 51.0′ N 79 deg 51.0’ W.  If he catches the expected 4+ knot current, he may swim the fastest unassisted solo non-stop marathon swim in history.

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