Pablo Fernández Swims At All-Day Pace In Place For COVID-19

Pablo Fernández Swims At All-Day Pace In Place For COVID-19

Pablo Fernández Swims At All-Day Pace In Place For COVID-19

Courtesy of Libertad Silva, Madrid, Spain.

Pablo Fernández Álvarez, a two-time Guinness World Record holder from Spain, has started his 25-hour non-stop challenge.

Libertad Silva explains, “His record attempt is a charity swim to support COVID-19 research, especially noteworthy because Fernández himself is a recovering COVID-19 patient. He plans to set a new Guinness World Record by swimming 25 hours in a counter-current pool to raise funds to fight COVID-19.

Fernández explains, “The COVID-19 pandemic has hit us hard with more than 3 million people infected globally. I also got infected with coronavirus in mid-March. After 15 days of fever, loss of taste and smell, respiratory problems and overall tiredness, the symptoms fortunately started to fade by the first days of April. I was lucky to recover from the disease at home, but as the pandemic continues many are not as lucky as I was. More than 25,000 Spaniards were not so lucky and thousands are still fighting for their lives.

This is just the beginning of a new stage in our lives. After the health crisis, we face an unprecedented economic tragedy that, as always, is hitting the most vulnerable communities, impacting millions of people. For this reason, I have decided to join athletes like Rafa Nadal or Pau Gasol to join Red Cross’ RESPONSE plan that will reach more than 1,350,000 people with a budget of 11,000,000 euros.

The 25-hour marathon swim in a counter-current pool will raise funds for the Red Cross in its fight against COVID-19. If this attempt is successful, it would be a new Guinness Swimming World Record (currently at 24 hours 1 minute held by Yuko Matsuzaki from Japan).

The GoFundMe page is here

Last week, International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame chairman Ned Denison talked about the spirit of adventure with Pablo Fernández Álvarez in last week’s WOWSA Live – see video above.

See Fernández in real-time here:
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