Paddling And Escorting In The Open Water

Paddling And Escorting In The Open Water

International Marathon Swimming Hall of Famer David Clark, an English Channel and Catalina Channel swimmer, coach and kayaker, will give a presentation at the upcoming Global Open Water Swimming Conference on providing the optimal support for open water swimmers.

The support crew is essential to the success of any open water swim. I will explain techniques for escorting open water swimmers, including safety, navigation, feedings and the teamwork necessary between the swimmer and the support crew,” explained David.

Whether in the English Channel, Catalina Channel or somewhere between, David has advised and assisted hundreds of other open water swims with all aspects of their preparation including training, mental preparation, nutrition, safety, navigation, pilot boats and assembling a support crew.

His lectures and presentations are based on his experience having escorted dozens of marathon swimmers all over the world, paddling at the swimmer’s side, guiding, feeding and coaching. Over the years, he has organized support crews for Catalina Channel swimmers who do not have their own as well as flown from his home base in San Diego to England seven times to accompany swimmers on English Channel swims.

With over two decades of experience on the ocean in every possible condition, David’s content and know-how is beneficial for every open water swimmer to hear, no matter how the distance of their swim.

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Steven Munatones