Pádraig Mallon Cuts Loose In Time For Dinner

Pádraig Mallon Cuts Loose In Time For Dinner

Courtesy of Brian Maherg, pilot on Colleen Mallon‘s North Channel 9 hour 56 minute crossing between Scotland and Ireland.

The Bangor Boat pilot vessel, MV. Ocean Crest which was used for escorting Colleen Mallon’s recently successful crossing of the Irish Channel got into difficulties on its returning journey to Ireland.

Mid-channel and in challenging sea conditions, the boat came across a 100-yard half-submerged abandoned rope that got snagged on the propeller.

Pádraig Mallon jumped into action. He changed into his swim gear, with a large dive knife, dived over the side of the boat, went under the hull to cut away the rope. After many attempts the propeller was freed. It took a good effort to cut through the chunky rope.

The crew hauled the rope into the boat in case another craft would foul a further prop in the future. They looked up and saw Pádraig deciding to swim to Ireland!

It was pointed out to him that the local restaurant stopped serving meals in an hour and a half’s time. This quickly helped him to change his mind to come aboard to a round of applause and cheers from all the hungry passengers that quickly made their way back to Bangor just in time for steak and chips, tea, bread and butter.

Pádraig had to buy his own steak.

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