Pádraig Mallon On Swimming In Unchartered Waters

Pádraig Mallon On Swimming In Unchartered Waters

Pádraig Mallon On Swimming In Unchartered Waters

Courtesy of Jacqueline McClelland in Northern Ireland.

It is certainly unchartered waters,” observed Pádraig Mallon of Infinity Channel Swimming and Piloting Services about the impact of the coronavirus around the world. He discussed the waters and opportunities around him:

Daily News of Open Water Swimming: Judging from the current situation, what is happening with Infinity Channel Swimming. What are your plans to proceed?

Pádraig Mallon: Unfortunately, we took a decision to cancel HITtheWALL 2020 as we had an international attendance list from Canada, USA, South Africa, Australia, France, Spain, Russia, UK and Ireland.

Daily News of Open Water Swimming: If swimmers have already paid their fees and escort boats, what do you recommend they do?

Pádraig Mallon: For Infinity Channel Swimming, our schedule is fully booked for 2020 and almost fully booked for 2021, so we are hoping that the 2020 North Channel season will arrive with not too much disruption, or should we say more, we are wishing it will.

We have an exciting season ahead with swims organised from June to September 2020 for the North Channel, the Oa Channel, Isle of Man, Dál Riata Channel, Bristol Channel and the St. George’s Channel. Perhaps the beginning of the season may be disrupted due to the current government restrictions.

Daily News of Open Water Swimming: What do you recommend the swimmers do at this time given what we know and do not know?

Pádraig Mallon: We hope that swimmers are able to maintain their swim fitness, physical and mental well-being with some creative ideas and good support from friends and coaches alike. Each swimmer is advised to contact their pilot to discuss their options if concerned.

The North Channel waters are governed by the UK and as current (March 29th 2020), there is a strict stay-at-home policy in place. As the guidance is constantly changing, we can only say look after yourself and others and follow the guidance given.

The North channel and Infinity Channel Swimming will always be there to support you, so if you don’t get swimming this year, there will be other opportunities in the future.

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