Australian Triple Crown Swim

24km ultra-marathon swim
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The Palm Beach to Shelly swim is an open water swimming event in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, New South Wales, Australia. The swim was set up to cater for the various channel swims around the world. The swim starts from Palm Beach and finishes at Shelly Beach. The 24km ultra-marathon swim is open to qualified solo swimmers, duos, and teams of four.

Type: Swimming – open water
Location: Sydney, Australia
Distances: 24 km
Updated: April 2024
Organized by: Another Level Performance
Race Director: Tim Garrett
Organizer website: Another Level Performance

24 KM

PlaceBibFull NameTypeHometownCountryGender (M/F)AgeDistanceTotal TimeDifference hours:minutes
110Thomas NeylanSoloQLDAUSMale4724KM6:47-
233Michael PayneSoloNSWAUSMale2124KM6:590.01
316Josephine CaseySoloNSWAUSFemale2924KM7:000:13
439Chen Wei NgSoloWAAUSMale4624KM7:030:16
542Matt JepsonSoloWAAUSMale2924KM7:110:24
638Callum HughesSoloWAAUSMale1924KM7:230:36
714Nicholas McNamaraSoloNSWAUSMale2924KM7:280:41
823Craig ClarkeSoloNSWAUSMale5924KM7:340:47
917Amanda DaviesSoloNSWAUSFemale4324KM7:481:01
1043Peter LambertTeamNSWAUSMale5024KM7:501:03
1044Tim RobinsonTeamNSWAUSMale2824KM7:501:03
1045Erik SullivanTeamNSWAUSMale3024KM7:501:03
1046Eliza FalkenmireTeamNSWAUSFemale2424KM7:501:03
115Anthony NewtonSoloNSWAUSMale5424KM7:511:04
1221Kristen KearnsSoloVICAUSFemale5424KM7:581:09
1220Andrea SchloeglSoloVICAUSFemale5624KM7:581:09
1222Heidi TuckerSoloVICAUSFemale6224KM7:581:09
139Christine FreakSoloNSWAUSFemale2824KM8:141:27
138Timothy DonovanSoloNSWAUSMale4124KM8:141:27
1426Niels PantenburgSolo assisted swimNSWAUSMale4624KM8:231:36
1425Daniel VanderHaveSolo assisted stage swimNMUSAMale4524KM8:231:36
1511Simone BlaserSoloWAAUSFemale4524KM8:351:48
1631Sam WestleySolo stage swimNSWAUSMale2824KM8:401:53
1624Keith SchilsSoloNSWAUSMale4624KM8:401:53
1735Michelle WalkerSolo stage swimNSWAUSFemale5424KM8:451:58
1815Carolyn AndersonSoloQLDAUSFemale4824KM8:472:00
1929Ashleigh WebbSoloACTAUSFemale3424KM8:542:07
1928Stephen junkSoloWAAUSMale6324KM8:542:07
1930Graham HubandSoloQLDAUSMale5124KM8:542:07
2034Terry GriffithsSoloWAAUSMale5224KM8:582:11
2141Nami TeradaSoloVICAUSFemale3324KM9:012:14
2219Christian RenfordSoloNSWAUSMale4924KM9:062:19
2218Monica TonerSoloNSWAUSFemale6024KM9:062:19
2240Hunter PerskeSolo assisted swimNSWAUSMale5624KM9:062:19
2336Grant CampbellSoloNSWAUSMale5024KM9:272:40
2337Liz CrowhurstSoloNSWAUSFemale5624KM9:272:40
2413Peter StewartSoloVICAUSMale6824KM9:302:43
256Brendan MaherSoloNSWAUSMale6224KM10:353:48
2632Michael PowellSoloQLDAUSMale6224KM10:484:01

10 KM

PlaceBibFull NameTypeHometownCountryGender (M/F)AgeDistanceTotal TimeDifference hours:minutes
148Alana AbercrombieSoloNSWAUSFemale5010KM3:36-
247Victoria PearseSoloNSWAUSFemale4710KM3:370:01
349Inge CloseSoloNSWAUSFemale6610KM3:390:02
450Kim CookSoloNSWAUSFemale4410KM4:080:32



The Palm Beach to Shelly Beach 24km swim

The Palm Beach to Shelly Beach 24km open water swim in April off Sydney’s Northern Beaches promises an unforgettable experience. With temperatures ranging from 14.6 to 22.2°C (58.3 – 72°F), the autumn weather offers ideal conditions for this challenging yet exhilarating event. Ocean temperature is around 18 to 22.0°C (64.4 – 71.6°F).

While officially a 24km swim, participants should be prepared for the possibility of covering 26km due to tidal and current influences. However, the pristine waters and sensational beaches make every stroke worth it.

Beyond the swim, Sydney’s Northern Beaches offer world-class surfing and iconic tourist attractions such as Sydney Opera House and the Blue Mountains and opportunities to see the Kangaroos and Koalas. The laid-back atmosphere and accommodating locals make it the perfect holiday spot for both participants and their support crews.

With easy access to transportation and accommodation options in and around the city, participants can explore the sights of Sydney and even venture to nearby cities like Melbourne and Brisbane. You will need to be a seasoned swimmer for the Palm Beach to Shelly Beach swim as a solo swimmer and promises an unforgettable adventure in one of Australia’s most beautiful coastal regions. The swim is also open to duos and teams of four as well as the 10km course option.