Paradise Purchased, Lovely Lanai's Larry's

Paradise Purchased, Lovely Lanai’s Larry’s

Oracle founder Larry Ellison reportedly purchased 98% of the Hawaiian island of Lanai which is the start of the annual Maui Channel Swim and site of 234 swimmers who have crossed the 9.6-mile channel.

The third-richest American with a net worth of US$36 billion, the US$500+ purchase of the sixth-largest island in Hawaii, loves big things. From his estates in California to his 254-foot Rising Sun private yacht, Ellison puts his personal wealth to good work.

According to government documents, Ellison will pay cash for the transaction that he worked out with another American billionaire, 89-year-old David Murdock, who sold him the island through Castle & Cooke. The state of Hawaii only owns 2% of the island that is home to about 3,100 residents. In an official statement, Castle & Cooke said, “[Ellison] anticipates making substantial investments in Lanai and is looking forward to partnering with the people of Lanai to chart the island’s future.”

Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie remarked, “We look forward to welcoming Mr. Ellison in the near future. His passion for nature, particularly the ocean, is well-known, specifically in the realm of America’s Cup sailing.”

Let’s hope Ellison’s passion for the ocean extends to open water swimming and the continuation of the Maui Channel Swim and the challenge of solo crossings between Lanai and Maui as well as Lanai and Molokai.

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Steven Munatones