Partnering On A Trisolothon

Partnering On A Trisolothon

Doug Woodring, who has founded a variety of ocean-related endeavors and entities from The Open Water Energy’s Sheko Challenge and The Clean Half to Project Kaisai and the carbon-neutral option for marathon relays, has come up with another innovation

The Open Water Energy’s Sheko Challenge is now be part of a new race called a Trisolothon. Athletes can choose to solo swim the 2.2K ocean swim in Hong Kong or athletes can team up with two friends and ask one teammate to run The 10K Sheko Ridge and paddle the 10K Wave Challenge. Athletes do only one leg, but everyone starts at the same time, but different places, and all converge to the same finish point on the beach.

A convergence of sports, we want to tri it.

Photo of Sheko Challenge athlete by Sean Baylis.

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