Passing The Baton In The Open Water

Passing The Baton In The Open Water

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

USA Swimming is in a major period of transition from its most recent illustrative past to an even more competitive future.

The current crop is led by world champions Jordan Wilimovsky and Haley Anderson, both in their early 20s.

But there are many others coming up through the ranks.

With former FINA 10K Marathon Swim World Cup title champion Emily Brunemann, former FINA world champion Alex Meyer, former FINA World Cup event champion Christine Jennings winding down their careers, USA Swimming has an increasingly large stable of highly motivated and competitive swimmers to take their place over the next several Olympic quadrennials.

USA Swimming will send 11 young swimmers to the upcoming 2016 FINA World Junior Open Water Championships on July 16th-18th in Hoorn, Netherlands. Swimmers ages 14-15 will compete in the 5 km race, while 16-17 year olds will race in the 7.5 km course and those in the 18-19 age group will compete in the 10 km marathon.

The USA Swimming team includes the following members:

* Hayler Pike – 5 km
* Eliot Kennedy – 5 km
* Taylor Pike – 7.5 km
* Kensey McMahon – 7.5km
* Kendall Brent – 10 km
* Chenoa Devine – 10 km
* Ivan Puskovitch – 5 km
* Simon Lamar – 7.5 km
* Michael Brinegar – 7.5 km
* Taylor Abbott – 10 km
* Riley Molina – 10 km
* Ron Aitken – head coach
* Todd Mann – assistant coach

Photo of Taylor_Abbott by Aniko Kovacs.

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