A Passing In The Open Water

A Passing In The Open Water

The New Zealand Herald reported that a 50-year-old man suffered a heart attack during the 2.5K Epic Swim in Lake Taupo yesterday. After getting into difficulty, attempts to resuscitate him by the water safety team and St John paramedics were unsuccessful.

Matt Claridge, the interim Chief Executive at Water Safety New Zealand, said the passing will be investigated very closely.

Matt said he was particularly concerned at the number of swimmers who had drowned in open water events in recent years and many were heading to the water in greater numbers in New Zealand because of the hot weather.

There have been five drownings or fatalities in swims over the last four years. They’re either drownings or cardiac arrest. I believe Water Safety New Zealand should be reviewing this incident and providing a report to the coroner.” “People are trying to make the most of their holidays and the warm temperatures and get out on the water, but they need to be reminded just how dangerous it can be,” he added.

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Steven Munatones