Passing The Russian Torch To Ekaterina Seliverstov

Passing The Russian Torch To Ekaterina Seliverstov

Olympic 10K champion and multiple world champion Larisa Ilchenko is now happily retired, but the rest of the Russian team is still working hard. And they most definitely want to continue the winning ways of their most successful pro marathon swimmer.

The Russian national team members for the 10K race at the upcoming World Championships were selected at the LEN Cup in Israel. Three-time runner-up at the world championships, Ekaterina Seliverstov (shown above) and the experienced Anna Uvarov outswam the other Russians to qualify for the world championships, the first step in competing at the 2012 London Olympics.

The Russian representatives in the 5K and 25K events will be selected at the Russian championships in Anapa. Ekaterina said, “We have already begun to prepare for these race specifically. I plan to select go for the 5K too. I am closer to the end of my career. But in general, our sport is an individual sport. For example, Larisa won her first world championship at the age of 15, but there are others [at the elite levels] who are still making waves in their 30’s. I feel confident in myself and am training well. But I do know that the Olympics in London will be the last of my career.”

For any swimmer, that is a great stage for a last hurrah.

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Steven Munatones