Passing Under 11 Bridges In Portland

Passing Under 11 Bridges In Portland

Marisa Frieder, who blazed the 11-mile traverse in the Willamette River through Portland, Oregon, and founder of the Portland Bridge Swim, revealed details of the 2012 swim through downtown Portland on July 22nd.

The river course takes swimmers through the heart of the city and under all 11 of its bridges. This year, competition is open to 3-person relay teams as well as individual swimmers. Up to 80 individuals and relay teams will test their strength and endurance along the first half of the course under closely-spaced bridges.

The second half of the course, with a 5-mile stretch between bridges #9 and #10, presents more of a challenge and makes everyone glad to reach the stunningly beautiful St. Johns Bridge at the finish.

High tide 1.5 hours after the start will mean that swimmers can enjoy a slight push from the river current. It is an eye-opening way for participants to view the city. It’s an unusual and thought-provoking experience for the rest of the city to see the athletes swimming through the heart of Portland

Proceeds of the swim will benefit Willamette Riverkeeper, a group dedicated to the health of the venue.

Photo of Emily Melina, winner of the 2011 Portland Bridge Swim, by Randy Rasmussen.

The Portland Bridge Swim is #56 on the list of the world’s longest marathon swims is here.

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