The Past Is Restored At The World Championships

The Past Is Restored At The World Championships

For the first time in four races, the defending champion finally won back-to-back titles.

A 5K gold medalist in 2005 in Montréal’s rowing basin, 2007 in Melbourne’s ocean, 2008 in Seville’s river and 2009 in Rome’s sea and … now in 2010 in Roberval’s lac St-Jean, Thomas Lurz continued his reign.

Thomas held off a tough field, including Evgeny Drattsev of Russia who earned another silver, and Fran Crippen of the USA. True to his normal strategic plan, Thomas took control of the race in the second half and then dropped the hammer. Pushing the pace at up to 96 strokes per minute, Thomas showed his might and prowess in the open water.

Down the backstretch and try as he might, Fran went left and then went right, trying to swim up the side of Thomas. When Fran went left, Thomas kept him in his sights. When Fran went right, Thomas turned it up another notch. Towards the end, Thomas also held off Evgeny in a fast sprint – that can be seen here.

1. LURZ Thomas (GER), 57:42.63
2. DRATTSEV Evgeny (RUS), 57:44.15
3. CRIPPEN Francis (USA), 57:46.48
4. CHERVYNSKIY Igor (UKR), 57:48.42
5. GIANNIOTS Spyridon (GRE), 57:49.34
6. MAINSTONE Rhys (AUS), 57:51.62
7. HO Chad (RSA), 57:57.67
8. FERRETTI Luca (ITA), 57:59.08
9. POSMOURNY Jan (CZE), 58:00.14
10. RUFFINI Simone (ITA), 58:00.38
11. FESENKO Sergiy (AZE), 58:00.53
12. ENDERICA OCHOA Ivan (ECU), 58:00.73
13. NOGUEIRA MONTERA Diego (ESP), 58:01.11
14. HERVAS JADAR Fancisco Jose (ESP), 58:01.47
15. DE BONA Samuel (BRA), 58:01.98
16. FRAYSSE Sebastien (FRA), 58:02.05
17. WEINBERGER Richard (CAN), 58:02.94
18. FOGG Daniel (GBR), 58:02.95
19. DO CARMO Allan (BRA), 58:03.53
20. BEATO Andrew (AUS), 58:03.58
21. PETERSON Charles (USA), 58:03.96
22. SAUVAGE Julien (FRA), 58:04.38
23. WOLFGARTEN Jan (GER), 58:04.39
24. UKRADYGA Kostiantyn (UKR), 58:04.68
25. SEREBRENNIVOK Daniil (RUS), 58:05.84
26. ELORZA Rodrigo (MEX), 58:07.71
27. FICHTL Jakub (CZE), 59:16.89
28. CHIU Manuel (MEX), 1:02:34.25
29. VACHAN Tomas (SVK), 1:04:05.03

Photo by Dr. Jim Miller.

Copyright © 2010 by Steven Munatones
Steven Munatones