Pat Gallant-Charette Talks About Nearing Her Peak On WOWSA Live

Pat Gallant-Charette Talks About Nearing Her Peak On WOWSA Live

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International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame chairman Ned Denison interviewed fellow Hall of Famer Pat Gallant-Charette of Maine on today’s edition of WOWSA Live.

In addition to her channel swimming and lake swimming successes and disappointment, the 69-year-old from Maine continues to set records and redefine athleticism and her own athletic potential as she gets faster and stronger in the open water.

In her WOWSA Live interview, the retired nurse talked about:

* starting swimming due to a challenge by her son to participate in the Peaks to Portland swim in Maine at the age of 46
* experiencing significant improvement in her endurance in her early 50s
* learning from her mistakes and transitioning from the Lake Sebago to the English Channel
* believing initially that age will eventually catch up to her – and being pleasantly surprised it is not
* getting pushed in the Strait of Gibraltar and working towards the Oceans Seven
* training 5-6 days per week and peaking her speed as she nears the age of 70
* getting stung by Lion’s Mane jellyfish over every part of her body in the North Channel
* experimenting with her feeding patterns
* flying out to California to model with actress Brooke Shields and supermodel Ashley Graham for Swimsuits for All

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