Patrick & Company

Patrick & Company

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Marathon swimmers are renowned for surrounding themselves with tight, passionate and supportive crew members.

Jamie Patrick‘s crew includes some of his close friends, both personal and professional. His father is also a key member of his team, responsible for his navigation and pre-swim planning. “Thanks to 11 years of sailing around the world, he brings expertise in the areas of navigation, safety and overall water experience to my adventures. It is not everyone who gets to share such adventures with their fathers.”

On his 78-mile (125 km) marathon swim attempt on June 25, he will swim in the Bahamas supported by his father Jim Patrick, his wife Teresa Patrick, Matt Richardson, Jen Schumacher, Janet Manning, Breanne Melconian, Lynn Kubasek, Asha Allen, Brian Patterson, Keith Metzger, and Morgan Christian.

It’s the sharks that I am worried about,” admits Patrick. “Even though I will be as far as 20 miles off the coast, the water depth is still really shallow. With the water incredibly clear, I’ll be able to see the ocean floor. If a shark comes by, I always want to keep them in my line of sight.”

But Patrick is also preparing for jellyfish encounters and has leaned on Professor Angel Yanagihara for her help. Professor Yanagihara not only assists military personnel in dealing with venomous marine creatures in the course of their work, but also has hundreds of hours of experience spent on escort boats assisting Diana Nyad across the Strait of Florida.

For more information on his planned June 23rd adventure, visit The Long Swim here.

Photo shows Jim and Jamie Patrick’s flagship store in downtown San Francisco, California.

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