Patti Bauernfeind Keeps Swimming

Patti Bauernfeind Keeps Swimming

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Patti Bauernfeind keeps swimming and swimming while working in Silicon Valley and raising money for Trust in Education.

As she has been raising funds to provide education and health services to women and children in Afghanistan, she keeps swimming: across Lake Tahoe, across Lake Zurich, across the Red Triangle, across Monterey Bay, across the Catalina Channel, around Manhattan Island, and today, across the English Channel in 10 hours 45 minutes to achieve the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

Her coach and fellow board member of the Monterey Bay Swimming Association Joel Wilson reported, “Patti got it done and she nailed it very well. The Channel was rather bumpy at the start, but it settled down after about 3 hours. Then, some nasty little jellies showed up to try to stop her, leaving some wicked welts across her neck. Fortunately, they didn’t stay too long and Patti continued on to the French coast, scrambling over the rocks and clearing the water just before dark.

[It was] a great day in the Channel. We’re looking forward to hot tea and hot showers and a good night of sleep

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