Patti Passes Through The Gates Of Hell

Patti Passes Through The Gates Of Hell

One of the things that I think about when I am swimming is what I am grateful for,” explains Patti Bauernfeind who is nearly halfway through today’s Manhattan Island Marathon Swim.

The California swimmer is holding a strong 73 stroke per minute pass as she passes through Hells Gate where the water from the Sound meets the East River, creating the conflicting currents. But her crew reports she looks great as she begins her trek up the Harlem River.

I’m grateful for a community of friends and family who support these [marathon] swims. My sister Joy gave me a great idea for what to think about during this swim [around Manhattan].

I will go through the alphabet and name a gift that I have received for each letter. This will help me to get through some of the tough moments.

I’m in good hands with an experienced crew and boat pilot. I have an escort boat and a kayaker to get me through the ferry traffic, navigate the currents and tumultuous shoreline. Even though this is a solo swim, I’m not doing this alone. It is not possible to do these swims without the help of many people,” explained Bauernfeind who can be followed via GPS here.

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