Paul Georgescu And Ned Denison On WOWSA Live

Paul Georgescu And Ned Denison On WOWSA Live

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Paul Georgescu in Bucharest, Romania had a wide-ranging, engaging conversation on ice swimming, the Oceans Seven, channel swimming, training, motivation, Attila Mányoki, Antarctica and water polo with Ned Denison on today’s WOWSA Live.

Georgescu, a former water polo player and teacher at the International British School of Bucharest, talked about his record-setting Zero Ice Mile in Antarctica with the of Ger Kennedy and his winning 500m title at the International Ice Swimming Association World Championships in Murmansk, Russia.

Georgescu talked about how his students motivate him and he motivates his students.

Watch the WOWSA Live interview above.

International Ice Swimming Association 3rd World Championship
500m Top 10 Male Results
1. Paul Eugen Dorin Georgescu (41) Romania 6:07:22
2. Colin Hill (49) Great Britain 6:47.83
3. Stefan Runge (52) Germany 6:47:84
4. Pavel Bainov (33) Russia 6:48.67
5. Mario Fernandez Gorgojo (40) Spain 6:50:47
6. Kubiak Krzysztof (30) Poland 7:02.38
7. López Diego (38) Spain 7:03.84
8. Biankowski Piotr (44) Poland 7:03.94
9. Akulov Denis (48) Russia 7:38.11
10. Jakub Valnicek (49) Czech Republic 7:41:34

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