Paul Georgescu Completes The Seven Lakes In Romania

Paul Georgescu Completes The Seven Lakes In Romania

Paul Georgescu became the first person to complete the Seven Lakes Project. Over one week, he traveled over 1,800 km swimming 100 km in six of the most beautiful lakes throughout his native Romania.

Georgescu is a renowned Ice Swimmer, Triple Crowner, Guinness World Record Holder, and channel swimmer. Between August 6th and 12th, he swam across the lakes of Lacul Stânca Costeștii in Botoșani County (45 km in 13 hours 8 minutes), Lacul Izvorul Muntelui in Neamț County (23 km in 6 hours 40 minutes), Lacul Colibița in Bistrița Năsăud County (4.5 km in 1 hour 5 minutes), Lacul Beliș Fântânele in Cluj County (14.2 km in 4 hours 10 minutes), Lacul Drăgan in Cluj County (8.2 km in 2 hour 2 minutes), and Lacul Vidraru in Argeș County (10.2 km in 2 hours 42 minutes).

Each swim started in the morning. After finishing the swim, he departed for the next lake. The team spent the night in the area and continued the next morning, swimming over 100 km and driving over 1,800 km throughout Romania. There was a one-day break, “On the first route in the waters of Stânca Costești, I had sun, rain, but also a wind that was favorable for me on the last part. It is a difficult lake to cross, the distance is very long, but it is worth trying by swimmers.

Each lake being a challenge in itself. It was a difficult project to complete, both in terms of effort and especially logistics. I couldn’t have achieved this performance if I didn’t have an extraordinary team by my side that took care of everything. I want to thank the sponsors, first of all Catena Racing Team, who has been with me from the very beginning, the supporters, but also the parents of the children from the ROMANIA relay. Together we made two awards and as many notable performances, hard to match. It was an extraordinary experience for me, I proved that I can withstand sustained effort and that I am capable of new and new challenges. I felt stronger every day. In addition, I enjoyed amazing views, fabulous landscapes and I discovered places in Romania that I never thought I would reach. This is also one of the goals of Lake’s Seven Ultra Marathon and I wish that from now on, through my experience, I can stimulate and help swimmers from the country and abroad, to finish this project.”

In August 2020, Georgescu swam 104.084 km in the Iron Gates Dam Lake, the first lake in the series of seven, in 21 hours 42 minutes. The Lake’s Seven Ultra Marathon is the Romanian version of Oceans Seven. Swimmers have to swim across the longest seven lakes in Romania. The organizers Sport4You aim to have clean waters, to promote the beauties of Romania, and to encourage swimming in open waters.

The ROMANIA-powered student relay, also supported by Catena Racing Team completed a 45 km relay crossing of Lacul Stânca Costeștii in 14 hours 46 minutes on August 4th. The students included 18-year-old Anton Zamfir, 15-year-old Andreea Albu, 14-year-old Ana Nanău, 16-year-old Rarinca Solomon, and 14-year-old Ilinca Duțu. “I liked their crossing two days before [my swim] because I got acquainted with the course,” said Georgescu. “They had a good weather in the first part of the route, but in the second half, with a south wind, the children had to face the waves coming from the front. After almost 15 hours, they managed to overcome the capricious weather and finish the race well. I am very proud of them.”

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