Paul Lundgren, Swimming Forever Across The Sea Of Cortez

Paul Lundgren, Swimming Forever Across The Sea Of Cortez

It’s real now,” said Paul Lundgren before shoving off the east coast of Baja California for the mainland of Mexico 76 miles (122 km) to the east.

All his dreams and fears, aspirations and worries have been bottled up in his mind … and now standing on the shore those dreams and aspirations are certainly real.

Paul has finally discovered his cruising speed,” observed support crew member Vito Bialla after the final training session. Lundgren has a great cadre of pace swimmers to cruise alongside: Joe Locke, Jamie Patrickand Phil Cutti who will be guided by Captain Alejandro aboard the Marianna.

Crew chief Mark Montgomery, a nurse, a nutritionist and filmmakers will also assist the unprecedented solo effort. “Once Paul gets his third wind, Ted Erikson said, you can swim forever.”

And, swimming 76 miles is certainly going to feel like forever today, tomorrow and perhaps the day after. Follow Lundgren’s swim here with the Night Train Swimmers.

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Steven Munatones