Paul Reusch Has A Bark And A Bite

Paul Reusch Has A Bark And A Bite

Gotta respect those endurance athletes from Seal Beach, California.

In a town made famous by extreme swimmer, renowned ice swimming inspiration and channel record holder Lynne Cox, another Seal Beach resident decided to challenge himself in a low-key, unprecedented manner. The swimmer, runner, paddle boarder and all-around endurance athlete wanted to do something different.

Paul Reusch wanted to combine his love of running with paddle boarding so he decided to paddle across the Catalina Channel from the California mainland to Catalina Island, run the Catalina Island Conservancy Marathon, and then paddle board back across the Catalina Channel.

Paul is a family man, has a day job, and is very humble,” explains Hank Wise, his masters swimming coach at SWIM Long Beach. “He swims with our morning master’s group and rarely misses a workout. Paddling comes natural to Paul and he has the ability to run quite well too. He told me he was thinking of doing this event a week ago and BAM – he got it done! His effort serves as an inspiration to all with an imagination, goals, who train and ultimately, those who take the challenge.”

3 long events, 3 legs, 1 inspiration, 1 man. A 40-year-old superman, father of 3, Paul Reusch.

Photo courtesy of Joe Bark, the namesake of Joe Bark Paddleboards, the widely recognized brand in the burgeoning paddle boarding and ocean endurance community. Bark’s paddle boards are used by Reusch and posted here.

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