Pearls Of Wisdom From Julian Critchlow

Pearls Of Wisdom From Julian Critchlow

Pearls Of Wisdom From Julian Critchlow

Courtesy of Julian Critchlow, English Channel.

Julian is genius. He breaks down the discipline of channel swimming in innumerable interesting ways.

One of my all-time favorite commentators, observer of the obvious and non-obvious, pundit, deep-thinking analyst, and number cruncher in the open water swimming world – in fact, in all of aquatics – is Julian Critchlow
,” says Steven Munatones.   “His data collection and analyses of attempts – including both DNF’s and successes – across the English Channel is incredible; his website (Cold Water Swimming) equal parts enlightening, entertaining, and educational.

From blog posts ranging from his Random Musings and Channel Swimming Trivia to the question of Why and all kinds of Pearls of Wisdom, Critchlow covers and interprets a massive amount of information about swimming across the English Channel.  Reading information that is generated by Julian – one of the sharp minds in the global aquatics community – provides an easy-to-comprehend perspective of the sport – that is relished by those who venture beyond the shoreline.”

You can enjoy his introspections and reflections on all kinds of topics here on website Cold Water Swimming.

Critchlow created the most comprehensive and authoritative database of Channel swimming (download here). 

And he promises even more, “For those who like the stats that I publish regularly, then there is a big upgrade about to happen…I have added Tide times to every record since 1875 – thanks to Boris Mavra.”

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