Penny Palfrey And Water Temperatures Heads North

Penny Palfrey And Water Temperatures Heads North

From the tropics to the temperate zone, Penny Palfrey continues her path to the unprecedented.

Even though Palfrey trains in the warm waters of Queensland and just recently recovered from a 41-hour effort in an attempt from Cuba to Florida, she is preparing for the last stage of the Oceans Seven: the North Channel.

Palfrey is poised to swim the North Channel from Ireland to Scotland sometime between August 9th-15th. Although the summer has been cooler than expected, water temperatures in the North Channel are reportedly reaching 16°C (61°F) in some locations, a temperature on the highest end of the marine spectrum for the North Channel.

Along the way to her final swim of the Oceans Seven, she has completed the following swims:

Cook Strait (2006) 8 hours 26 minutes
Strait of Gibraltar (2006) 4 hours 31 minutes
Strait of Gibraltar (2010) 3 hours 3 minutes (single) + 8 hours 27 minutes (double)
English Channel (2006) 9 hours 16 minutes
English Channel (2007) 9 hours 7 minutes
Catalina Channel (2010) 10 hours 28 minutes
Molokai Channel (2011 – unofficial) 12 hours 7 minutes
Molokai Channel (2011 – official) 11 hours 40 minutes
Tsugaru Channel (2011) 14 hours 26 minutes

Palfrey’s final leg of the Oceans Seven can be followed here. If successful, she will be the first women and second individual in history to complete the Oceans Seven.

The overall record for the North Channel is held by
Alison Streeter who crossed in 9 hours 54 minutes in 1988.

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