Penny Palfrey Continues Looking Strong In The Gulf Stream

Penny Palfrey Continues Looking Strong In The Gulf Stream

Andrea Woodburn, director of Penny Palfrey‘s onshore logistical crew, reported that Palfrey has swum 80 km (49.7 miles) after 26 hours in the Straits of Florida.

Like the ebb and flow of the ocean, the news from her crew was a mixture of good and bad. Her husband and crew member Chris Palfrey commented, “Penny is in good spirits, smiling and swimming strong yet sore. Throughout the night, jellyfish stings were constant and her mouth is very sore and painful.”

With the strong tropical rays of the bright sun shining down on her back, “Palfrey is now prepared for the sun with sunscreen. She changed back into her short suit and has switched the side of the boat where she is swimming.”

She wore a long-sleeved, long-legged Lycra swimsuit during the night to blunt the venomous encounters with the jellyfish on her arms and legs. But the good news outweighs the bad in an auspicious start to the 103-mile (166 km) solo journey from Cuba to Florida. “The seas are extremely calm and flat as she welcomed the sunrise. There were flying fish around and her stroke count remains [a constant] at 71-72 strokes per minute. She is in the Gulf Stream traveling at 3 knots heading for Key West.”

Captain Mitch remarked, “She is looking strong. Her mental state remains good. She is smiling and still giving orders and in full control” as she continues her nearly 2 mph pace into the second day with the Gulf Stream at her back.

Her course can be followed in near real time here.

With the wind at her back and Captain Bob precisely steering her straight towards Key West, Florida, balancing her speed with the gentle Gulf Stream northeast push, it seems that she will etch her name once again in the 24-hour Club. Photo of Penny Palfrey swimming in tranquil waters off the coast of Cuba by Str / EPA

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