Penny Palfrey Encounters Sharks, Continues Swimming…

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Penny Palfrey had two shark encounters during her crossing and was saved by Charles, a resident of the Little Cayman serving as one of her lifesavers. It was very dramatic.
Click HERE to see her precise location in real-time.

She is currently twelve nautical miles from Morritt’s. She is swimming slowly and painfully (shoulders) but she said, “we are going to make it, just be patient.”

We always knew this was going to be difficult but this is an extraordinary momentous attempt by Penny and the team that Mr Flowers and Rod put together.

I do not believe she is going to be able to stand or walk at the finish. Please everyone be careful at the finish – she will definitely need medical assistance to help stabilize her at the finish. Media should stay away for several minutes until she is composed.

Currently, she can barely talk because her tongue is so swelled up. Her shoulder and upper body muscles are in pain and the oncoming current is not helping her but she is a fighter.

At her current place, she may finish later than we thought but she has never wavered from the lay/rhumb line directly into Morritts.

Everyone’s hear goes out to Penny as we see her struggle, wracked with pain, yet she is lucid and mentally aware of everything. We tell her the truth of where she is and she just forges on. A great lesson and inspiration to all.

Steven Munatones aboard the Carib Princess.

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Steven Munatones