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Travessia do Leme ao Pontal

Category : Performance of the Year
Mariana Chevalier Santos, a 16-year-old competitive swimmer, completed the 36 km Travessia do Leme ao Pontal in Rio de Janeiro in 9 hours 42 minutes.
3255 Votes
Kamil Resa Alsaran became the first person in almost half a century to complete the Original Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming with a successful 13 hour 9 minute crossing of the 28 km Bristol Channel in England.
6013 Votes
The 47.2 km Sea of Galilee Perimeter Swim in Israel was an unprecedented stage swim with 18 Israeli swimmers who swam 18.1 km, 15.7 km and 13.4 km respectively during the three-day swim.
34 Votes

Peace Route Swim

Category : Performance of the Year
Nine swimmers from Turkey swam 91.27 km from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to the Turkish mainland in an unprecedented course.
5155 Votes

Monterey Bay Crossing

Category : Performance of the Year
Catherine Breed started in 14°C water, but the water temperature dropped before she finished in 12 hours 42 minutes, the fastest time in history over the 40 km course.
182 Votes
Arianna Birdi set a world record in the 36 km Maratona del Golfo Capri-Napoli in Italy, finishing in 6 hours and 4 minutes, faster than any man or woman since 1954.
33 Votes
The 36-year-old anthropologist, Caroline Block PhD became the first person to attempt and complete a double crossing of Lake George in New York, finishing in 52 hours 24 minutes.
90 Votes
5 Russian swimmers completed the 50 km Lake Baikal Relay Eco Crossing in 16 hours 11 minutes, swimming in 30-minute rotations as the water temperature fell from 14°C to 12°C with the air at 5°C.
2868 Votes

Ice Kilometer

Category : Performance of the Year
At the 6th Ice Swimming Aqua Sphere German Open & IISA® World Cup, Alisa Fatum outdid herself - and faster than the entire rest of the field, including both men and women, in the Ice Kilometer.
746 Votes

HK360Xtreme Challenge

Category : Performance of the Year
Mayank Vaid completed the 45 km HK360Swim in 18 hours 8 minutes, that he continued on towards his 360 km HK360Xtreme Challenge goal. He then cycled 215 km around Hong Kong, and ran 100 km around Hong Kong.
2576 Votes
Coming off of her Tokyo Olympic qualification swim, Leonie Beck upset her competitors including world and Olympic champions in the only FINA-sanctioned 10 km race in 2020.
17 Votes

Sicily to Malta Crossing

Category : Performance of the Year
2004 Olympian Neil Agius broke the existing record swimming 100 km from Sicily to Malta with a time of 28 hours 17 minutes. 
1322 Votes

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