Personal Ads - Meeting Others In The Open Water World

Personal Ads – Meeting Others In The Open Water World

Have you met your match in the open water world? Do you want to?

Open water swimmers are fascinating global congregation of homo sapiens. They come from all walks of life and from every part in the world. Some are eclectic, but with fewer than 2% of the world’s population able to swim 500 meters non-stop, open water swimmers obviously are an esoteric group.

Some are boisterous and unrestrained extroverts, but many are intellectual and private introverts. The sport attracts individuals who tend to be adventurous, hard-working, and humble. They accept the risks of open water swimming and accept the obstacles they face in the water as readily as they do the ups and downs of life on terra firma.

They are simultaneously courteous on land and courageous in the water. They can be both sincerely modest on land and audaciously bold in the water. Dressed modestly in their street clothes, they are largely unostentatious and unpretentious, but viewed in their swimsuits, they turn into enterprising daredevils in the world’s open bodies of water. When they are mercilessly stung by jellyfish or silently stalked by sharks, they demonstrate a level of bravery largely unknown by the human race. When faced with relentless lumps and bumps in the ocean or are battered by significant surface turbulence in frigid water, they become as headstrong as they are intrepid, risk-taking athletes.

So we could easily imagine these types of personal ads in the Interwet:

Stunning blonde Miami woman, early 50’s, warm, funny, and sociable with loads of energy to spare. Instead of long walks on the beach, an endurance athlete prefers long distance swims along the shoreline. Interested in environment causes, this semi-retired academic participates in ocean swims throughout the Caribbean Sea and from coast to coast in America and seeks a mentally and physical active man for LTR and sharing life’s pleasures through travel to open water swims around the world.

Tall, fit, exuberant writer and journalist with an oceanfront home in Connecticut and Grand Cayman looking for an attractive upbeat endurance athlete over 45 for a romantic partnership and long slow workouts in warm-water coastal swims and an occasional extreme swim during the winter.

Adventurous, witty entrepreneur who enjoys lives curve balls and marine art who wakes up early and loves sunrises and sunsets seeks a congenial man with at least one marathon swim in his future willing to train together and go on exotic swimming holidays as well as enjoy Spanish paella and sushi lines.

Fun-loving sailor-turned-swimmer looking for companion under 35 hungry for explorations of marine environments from coral reefs to alpine lakes. Willing to coach and support a compassionate women passionate about athletic performance in the water who is equally curious about different cultures and scientific discoveries as well as open-minded, quick to laugh, and interested on stamina and strength as we grow older together.

Private, exclusive matchmaking boutique firm seeks women of all ages with an adventurous spirit, physical stamina and an energetic spirit to keep up with easygoing successful male swimmers of various ages. Confidentiality strictly maintained.; telephone: 1-888-DATE-H2O.

An exclusive introduction network for aquatic athletes seeks men who radiate with charisma and good cheer, intellectual curiosity grounded with an avid interest in swimming the planet with like-minded women.; telephone: 1-800-SWIM-TOO.

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