Pete Tarnapoll, Giving 100% To Swim For Kim

Pete Tarnapoll, Giving 100% To Swim For Kim

A proven marathon swimmer completing the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim back in 1988, Pete Tarnapoll came back into the swim of things on behalf of his wife Kim who is in the fight of her life against multiple myeloma.

Since beginning his workouts with a modest 500 meters straight this April, Pete built up to 9000 meters straight – more than enough distance to comfortably finish the 10K Little Red Lighthouse Swim – one of the most popular events of the New York City swimming community – a 10K swim that passes under the magnificent George Washington Bridge.

I’m physically ready for the swim. And, I sort of remember what the experience was like when I swam around Manhattan 25 years ago this summer. I’m worried, however, about not having lane lines to follow and being too cold to finish. I hope the cause and the embarrassment of not finishing will get me through,” said Pete.

And the cause is dear to his heart.

When Pete is swimming, he thinks constantly of his wife Kim whom he met at a swim meet and her fight against cancer. On behalf of her, Pete started the Swim For Kim Foundation which has raised US$15,000 to date, but Pete is relentless. His goal is to have at least 1,000 people donate for the cause, but he is only 15% the way there.

Let’s see if he can reach his goals.

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