Peter Attia On 60 Years Of Dietary Ambiguity

Peter Attia On 60 Years Of Dietary Ambiguity

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Dr. Peter Attia will give a presentation at the University of California San Diego in La Jolla, California titled The Limits of Scientific Evidence and the Ethics of Dietary Guidelines.

I am actually really looking forward to this talk, as it covers material I have not spoken on publicly before,” says the prolific writer, author and blogger.

The presentation is described as follows, “Most of the dietary recommendations made in the United States are not firmly grounded in well-controlled science. The implications for this are profound, especially at a time where two-thirds of Americans are overweight and obesity and its related diseases – diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease to name a few – are claiming the lives of more people each year.

Dr. Attia takes a close look at one such pillar of dietary wisdom, the recommendation that Americans minimize their consumption of dietary cholesterol and fat in an effort to reduce heart disease

After working out with Dr. Attia and understanding the tremendous workouts he puts himself through, we remained enthralled how someone so athletic can be so intellectual. Every statement, every premise, every scientific fact he discusses about training, athletic performance, and contemporary thought on the optimal human diet made us wonder and ponder how far off we have been from maximizing our potential as endurance athletes and open water swimmers.

For more information on his June 20th talk on the campus of the University of California San Diego, visit his blog at The War on Insulin.

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