Peter Hayden’s Anacapa Circumnavigation + Crossing

Video and report courtesy of Lynn Kubasek around Anacapa Island, California.

On September 3rd, Peter Hayden became the first person in history to swim around Anacapa Island, an island off the coast of Santa Barbara, California. His pioneering circumnavigation was completed in 5 hours 41 minutes.

But his unprecedented round-the-island solo swim was not the end of his adventure. He did not stop was the circle was closed. Instead, he took off from the island and swam directly to the California mainland to become the 47th person to complete this 18 km channel crossing under the auspices of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association.

Hayden walked ashore at Port Hueneme 6 hours 59 minutes later with his support crew of Carol Hayden, Howard Burns, Marc Horwitz, Patsee Ober, Julie Flanagan, Captain Dawn Brooks, Jordon and Russell, Theo Schmeeckle and Lynn Kubasek looking on.

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Steven Munatones