Pick Me Up Bags Really Do Pick Me Up

Pick Me Up Bags Really Do Pick Me Up

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Few things in the open water community are as disappointing to me as seeing a beautiful stretch of beachfront or beautiful waters spoiled by mounds of trash,” said Steven Munatones.

Even swimming into a single plastic bag floating on the ocean is a simple reflection of the global crises on how to properly deal with society’s refuse.”

But Doug Woodring went both high-tech and low-tech to help resolve the issues of plastics in the ocean. “He not only created the high-tech Global Alert mobile app to geotag trash hotspots in waterways and coastlines, but he also made the low-tech Pick Me Up Bags, a convenient bag entirely made up of recyclable materials.”

Our new Pick Me Up bags are hip,” described Woodring. “They’re made of 100% recycled plastic bottles – 29 bottles per bag.

The bags allow you to be hands-free when you walk, but gives you a place to put trash when you see it along the beach, your hike, when you are stand-up-paddling, or other outdoor adventure. Bring pride to the outdoors when you pick up more than you take, leaving your favorite place cleaner than when you arrived. These are great for event branding for corporates or NGOs, so let us know if you are interested to create some for your company or community

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Steven Munatones