Pilar Geijo Is The 2011 World Open Water Swimming Woman Of The Year

Pilar Geijo Is The 2011 World Open Water Swimming Woman Of The Year

ARGENTINA. Pilar Geijo dominated her fellow competitors on the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix circuit and was selected as the 2011 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year.

Traveling with her husband who serves as her ever-attentive coach, she competed over 292K (181 miles) in cold-water lakes, rough seas and warm-water rivers around the world on the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix circuit.

She finished third in the 15K Rosario (Argentina) race, second in the 57K Sante Fe-Coronda (Argentina) marathon, won the 88K Hernandarias-Paraná (Argentina) marathon, won the 36K Capri-Napoli (Italy) marathon, won the 32K Lac St-Jean (Canada) marathon, the 34K Lac Memphrémagog (Canada) marathon, and was third in the 30K Ohrid Lake (Macedonia).

The humble duo remained highly appreciative of their sponsors, race organizers and towards their fellow competitors. With world-class endurance, a steely mind and a friendly nature, Pilar patiently achieves her goals and always crossed the finish line with a smile despite the discomforts of her marathon exploits.

For her achievements in the world of professional marathon swimming, including being the first woman to win consecutive victories in the 32K Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean and the 34K Traversée internationale du lac Memphrémagog, Pilar Geijo was selected by a poll of individuals from 108 countries as the World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year.

And like Pilar, all the WOWSA nominees and, indeed, all the women around the world, who attempt open water swims of their own scale embody the spirit of the sport, possess the requisite sense of adventure, tenacity and perseverance that the sport demands, and positively impact the global community of open water swimming.

The final vote tally is as follows:

1. Pilar Geijo (Argentina) – World Professional Marathon Swimming Champion – 2,281 votes (22%)
2. Penny Palfrey (Australia) – Marathon Swimmer Extraordinaire – 1,887 votes (18%)
3. Elizabeth Fry (USA) – Two Times Makes Double – 1,177 votes (12%)
4. Ana Marcela Cunha (Brazil) – World Marathon Swimming Champion – 1,048 votes (10%)
5. Diana Nyad (USA) – Inspiration and Determination Redux – 860 votes (8%)
6. Keri-Anne Payne (Great Britain) – World Champion and Olympic Favorite – 798 votes (8%)
7. Pat Gallant-Charette (USA) – Nursing Marathon Excellence – 558 votes (5%)
8. Pamela Dickson (New Zealand) – Lady of the Lake – 395 votes (4%)
9. Anna-Carin Nordin (Sweden) – Swedish Aloha In The Channels – 386 votes (4%)
10. Angela Maurer (Germany) – Mother of Marathoners – 345 votes (3%)
11. Charlene Wittstock, Her Serene Highness – The Princess of Monaco – 302 votes (3%)
12. Dr. Marcy MacDonald (USA) – Freestyling Foot Doctor (shown above) – 196 votes (2%)

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