Pioneers Swim Around Great Keppel Island

Pioneers Swim Around Great Keppel Island

Pioneers Swim Around Great Keppel Island

Courtesy of Keppel Islands Swimming Association.

Great Keppel Island is touted as one of Australia’s last untouched natural beauties. Host to 17 pristine beaches, coral reef, and an abundance of island and marine life, Great Keppel Island is located on the Capricorn Coast.

On August 15th, a number of swimmers became among the first to swim around the island.

The Keppel Islands Swimming Association also offers solo swimmers the opportunity to complete a circumnavigation swim around Great Keppel Island throughout the year. For more information, contact

Swim Around Keppel
Solo Results:
Ben Jimmieson 4 hours 58 minutes
Brianna Thompson 5 hours 0 minutes
Lars Olsen 5 hours 4 minutes
Victoria Carta 5 hours 10 minutes
Dale Matuschka 5 hours 12 minutes
Christie Leet 5 hours 37 minutes
Naomi McGilvray 5 hours 38 minutes
Anna Strachan 5 hours 38 minutes
Kate Forrester 5 hours 39 minutes
Joep Buijs 5 hours 40 minutes
Anthony Midolo 5 hours 40 minutes
Peter Fahey 5 hours 42 minutes
Mark Sowerby 5 hours 44 minutes
Alan Rotsey 5 hours 56 minutes
Louise Rosemann 5 hours 58 minutes
Elizabeth Denyer 5 hours 58 minutes
Stuart Donnachie 6 hours 4 minutes
Nicky Balderson 6 hours 19 minutes
Paul Skelton 6 hours 19 minutes
Tracey Buda 6 hours 25 minutes
Julie Boxsell 6 hours 28 minutes
Carolyn Anderson 6 hours 34 minutes
Claire Keane 6 hours 41 minutes
Lynton Mortensen 6 hours 45 minutes
Jackie Bettington 6 hours 50 minutes
Thomas Raymond DNF
Eleanor Jack DNF

Relay Team Results:
1. Mackay Heroes with Nigel Dalton, Geoff Hamilton, Connor Burrows, Dan Stamp 5 hours 11 minutes
2. Movement Improvement with Thomas O’Donovan, Simon Poole, Matthew Richardson 5 hours 19 minutes
3. Hammerheads LP with Paul Skillen, Lene Knudsen 5 hours 22 minutes
4. Townsville Mermaids with Clare Candler, Karen Candler, Chris Hains, Vicki Parsen, Colleen Newnham 5 hours 32 minutes
5. Yeppoon Aquatic Centre with Gracie Wellspring, Glenn Skinner, Jimmy Louis, Alicia Blamires 5 hours 36 minutes
6. Hammerheads MP with Neisha Sanderson, Phillip Chappell 5 hours 39 minutes
7. Evolution with Mikayla Colley, Peter O’Shaughnessy, Carole Keane, Alexis Tannock 5 hours 47 minutes
8. Dieticians with Amelia Bandera, Christie Johnson, Kate Montgomery, Tara Diversi 5 hours 50 minutes

Joy Symons, the first woman to swim around Great Keppel Island.

For more information, visit

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