Plastic Disclosure Project Comes To Turkey

Courtesy of ÇEVKO Foundation, Samsung Bosphorus Cross Continental Swimming Race, Turkey.

In collaboration with the Ocean Recovery Alliance and its Plastic Disclosure Project, ÇEVKO Vakfı, the largest industry recycling organization in Turkey, created a television advertisment centered on this year’s Samsung Bosphorus Cross Continental Swimming Race that was shown locally and on CNN.

The Plastic Disclosure Project or PDP Sport is a program aimed at preventing and eliminating plastic waste at sports events including open water swimming events. It was launched at the Clinton Global Initiative by Ocean Recovery Alliance as a way to bring about large scale prevention of plastic waste.

Founder Doug Woodring explains, “This is an investor and multi-stakeholder driven program to encourage companies and other institutions to measure their plastic footprint and develop plastic management strategies to create a world where plastic adds value to businesses without negatively impacting the environment.”

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