Plastic…Nooooo. BAMBOA…Yes!

The water is blue, but the future is gradually becoming greener in the open water swimming world.

At the 8th annual Sheko Challenge in Hong Kong, the carbon footprint was minimized by use of reusable BAMBOA cups. Instead of the use of plastic bottles donated by a local sponsor, athletes, volunteers and spectators were offered hydration with the eco-friendly bamboo cups created by Julia Washbourne of BAMBOA.

The cups are completely biodegradable, unbreakable, tasteless and made from a natural and abundant resource that releases 35% more oxygen and grows several times faster than ordinary trees, making the plants a more sustainable raw material.

Plastic takes over 450 years to degrade in a landfill while Bamboa’s products virtually degrades after just 45 days. While the cups are not microwave safe, they can be used for hot foods and liquids and can be used for years after washing with mild detergent.

Eco-friendly BAMBOA products, enabling race directors and swimmers to get a little more green in the big blue.

Way to go.

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Steven Munatones