Poliana Okimoto, Ana Marcela Cunha Continue Double Punch

Poliana Okimoto, Ana Marcela Cunha Continue Double Punch

In this Rio Olympic quadrennial, Brazilian swimmers are making things very interesting: the Brazilian 1-2 combination of Poliana Okimoto and Ana Marcela Cunha is getting harder and harder to beat.

They were hard to beat at the 2013 FINA World Championships in Barcelona, Spain and the duo was unstoppable at this weekend’s La Patagones Viedma marathon swim held in Argentina in the season-opening FINA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup race.

Wily veteran Angela Maurer gave the Brazilian pair a run for their money, but Okimoto and Cunha has enough gas in the tank to sprint to victory. There were 3 women in their 30s (Okimoto, Maurer and Cecilia Biagioli) and two mothers (Maurer and Biagioli) who placed in the top 8 when the sprinting, drafting and positioning were all done in the río Negro.

The final women’s results in front of an estimated 7,000 spectators in Viedma where a total of 59 competitors (27 women, 32 men) from 12 countries took part (the results of the men’s race is here).

1. Poliana Okimoto (BRA) 2:05:13:88
2. Ana Marcela Cunha (BRA) 2:05:16:94
3. Angela Maurer (GER) 2:05:18:28
4. Aurelie Muller (FRA) 2:05:20:88
5. Samantha Arevalo (ECU) 2:05:24:69
6. Rachele Bruni (ITA) 2:05:24:74
7. Martina Grimaldi (ITA) 2:05:25:30
8. Cecilia Biagioli (ARG) 2:05:27:80
9. Kalliopi Arouzou (GRE) 2:05:31:07
10. Margarita Dominguez (ESP) 2:05:48:24
11. Elizaveta Groshkova (RUS) 2:05:49:68
12. Karla Sitic (CRO) 2:05:58:57
13. Olga Kozydub (RUS) 2:05:58:87
14. Alice Franco (ITA) 2:05:59:00
15. Anastasia Krapivina (RUS) 2:06:24:57
16. Julia Arino (ARG) 2:07:19:94
17. Angelina Kargaltseva (RUS) 2:08:06:85
18. Celia Barrot (FRA) 2:09:04:82
19. Adeline Furst (FRA) 2:09:38:30
20. Florencia Mazzei (ARG) 2:09:41:47
21. Alice Dearing (GBR) 2:16:24:70
22. Sarah Bosslet (GER) 2:17:41:78
23. Rachel Williams (GBR) 2:18:01:10
24. Ellena Jones (GBR) 2:18:24:10
DNF Milena Franzoia (ARG)
DNF Victoria Lindon (ARG)
DNF Danielle Huskisson (GBR)

The next race on the FINA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup circuit is in Manzanillo, Mexico on April 5th. The next race on the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix circuit is on February 9th in Hernandarias-Parana in Argentina.

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