Polish Triple Crown Of Open Water Swimming

Polish Triple Crown Of Open Water Swimming

Courtesy of Boguslaw Ogrodnik of Wrocłah, Poland.

Peak and Pond Club member Boguslaw Ogrodnik proposed a Polish version of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

A few months ago during academic conferences, Professor Wiesner from the Wroclaw Academy of Physical Education and I published an article related to the whole Triple Crown project and its regional versions based on the proposal for the Polish Triple Crown as I named it.

Apart from the Catalina Channel and the English Channel, I proposed the third swim to be the oldest and the longest open water swim in Poland in the waters across the Gulf of Gdańsk from Hel to Gdynia. The competitive swimming events, as well as individual solo crossings, have been taking place since 1963

Polish Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming: English Channel + Catalina Channel + Gulf of Gdańsk.

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