Por La Libre - Cancún to Isla Mujeres Is / Takes A Hit

Por La Libre – Cancún to Isla Mujeres Is / Takes A Hit

One of the world’s top 100 open water swims took a hit from the Tropical Storm Debby passing through the Caribbean Sea this weekend.

But Por La LibreCancún to Isla Mujeres was still a hit in Quintana Roo in Mexico. American traveler Bill Ireland said, “Hurricane Debby didn’t cooperate. They had to cancel the 10 km cross-channel swim and replace it with a smaller 3 km or 6 km friendly swim along the coast.”

The tropically clear waters became darker as the seas became mushy and lumpy. “It was very nicely organized for the 450 10 km swimmers and 300 3 km swimmers. The race organizer was safely set up for the race with boats every 1000 meters, buoys every 500 meters between the boats, kayakers and a 7-km check-in.”

The challenging conditions were too much for a safe event and the race was scaled back.

But when the weather cooperates, the world-class race is held in a beautiful sea of blue and green of all shades.

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Steven Munatones