PortSea Island, Challenged And Circunavigated

PortSea Island, Challenged And Circunavigated

Anna Wardley successfully completed her solo swim around Portsea Island in 7 hours 20 minutes yesterday to become the first person to complete the 21-km (13-mile) route.

The 13°C (55°C) waters in one of the UK’s busiest harbours invigorated the British adventurer, “[The Five Island Swim Challenge] was absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have hoped for better conditions. Swimming through Portsmouth Harbour past the HMS Warrior and the Spinnaker Tower felt incredible.

In fact I had to be careful not to get too distracted. It was a fantastic challenge but it goes without saying that none of this would have been possible without the brilliant support from friends and family both on the water and on shore. Months of meticulous planning has gone into making this swim happen, so often the easy part is to turn up and swim, and with today’s conditions it was a pleasure

In order to officially have her swim documented and certified, she had three observers from the British Long Distance Swimming Association accompany her throughout her circumnavigation of Portsea Island. Each kayaker carried a stopwatch to ensure that her swim time was recorded accurately and confirmed her gear and swimwear adhered to all the rules.

The representatives of the charities that benefit from her efforts in the Five Islands Swim Challenge were very pleased with her effort and exploit. Tanya Brookfield, Director of Toe in the Water, said, “Anna has been taking on the most extraordinary challenges ever since I’ve known her so it’s no surprise that this is yet another huge success under her belt. Her tireless energy and enthusiasm is an inspiration to everyone who meets her and her impact on Toe in the Water is of even greater value than the funds she raises.”

Craig Millar, Director of Sail Africa, remarked, “Another amazing accomplishment from Anna. From everyone at Sail Africa our biggest thanks and congratulations. She puts herself through tough challenges so young people have the opportunity to test themselves to their limits.”

The Portsmouth Samaritans added, “Anna is a true inspiration and it is a great honour to be one of her chosen charities. All the volunteers at the Portsmouth branch wish her the very best of luck with the remainder of her Five Island Swim Challenge.”

In her Five Island Swim Challenge over two years, Wardley is swimming around five islands covering a total of 150 miles to raise funds for the Samaritans, Toe in the Water and Sail Africa.

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Steven Munatones