The Poseidon Adventure From Kalamata To Koroni

The Poseidon Adventure From Kalamata To Koroni

Dimitris Kakalikas announced the athletes for the 30K ΝΑΥΤΙΚΟΣ ΟΜΙΛΟΣ ΚΑΛΑΜΑΤΑΣ «Ο ΠΟΣΕΙΔΩΝ» (Nautical Club of Kalamata «POSEIDON») in Kalamata, Greece.

On September 3rd, the 23rd Open Water Swimming Marathon Kalamata – Koroni will showcase two special attempts. Manyoki Attila from Hungary will try for a second time to swim a triple crossing of the 30K course. Armin Johannes Wunder from Germany will attempt a double crossing between Kalamata and Koroni. The 90K and 60K solo attempts are part of the annual race with the following athletes:

1. Archakis Dimitrios Archakis (Greece)
2. Viktor Archakis (Greece)
3. Stella Avgeri (Greece)
4. Cristina Chila (Greece)
5. Theodoros Elefteriou (Greece)
6. Panos Mpadouvanis (Greece)
7. Gerasimos Pefanis (Greece)
8. Gerasimos Pefanis (Greece)
9. Vasileios Poulantzas (Greece)
10. Achilleas Poulios (Greece)
11. Mauro Sebastiano Nappa (Italy)
12. Mustafa Aydogdu (Turkey)
13. Emre Seven (Turkey)
14. Manyoki Attila (Hungary) – three-way crossing
15. Armin Johannes Wunder (Germany) – two-way crossing

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