Poseidon Award Recognizes Open Water Luminaries

Poseidon Award Recognizes Open Water Luminaries

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The Poseidon Award is an annual award given by the International Swimming Hall of Fame to recognize those individuals who have gone beyond the call of duty and elevated the world of marathon swimming in a unique and lasting manner.

The Poseidon award was created by International Swimming Hall of Fame artist-in-residence Jean Ermann Desimots and depicts Poseidon with his trident, presenting the laurel wreath of victory.

The statue is based on an original sculpture commissioned by William Wrigley, Jr. in 1927. The first Poseidon Award was presented to the Organizing Committee of the 2013 Global Open Water Swimming Conference that included including Oswald Schmidt, Paschal Horgan, Captain Tom McCarthy, Ciaran O’Connor, Finbarr Hedderman, and Ned Denison.

The second Poseidon Award recipient, given in 2016, was Chloë McCardel of Australia [shown on left].

Chris Guesdon of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame explains the criteria for the award. “It is given for outstanding marathon swimming achievement as a swimmer or contributor who warrants special recognition and must:

* be a superior achiever at the highest level
* have the support of their peers
* possess integrity, sportsmanship and character that will be considered along with achievement
* the primary consideration for selection is high level achievement from personal effort or initiative in a field of endeavor that contributes to the performance of marathon swimmers or to the development and status of marathon swimming to the world
* nominees should have made a major contribution at the international level to marathon swimming generally
* nominees will be from competitors, initiators, sport developers, achievers at the highest level of office or appointment that is available, or contributors to the sport generally at the highest level
* mere long-term service by a nominee is not sufficient justification for selection without having satisfied the primary requirements listed above or demonstrated outstanding achievement arising from personal initiative or innovation

Any person or organization can make nominations for consideration by the selection committee for an individual

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