POW, A Hit With The West Coast Swimmers

POW, A Hit With The West Coast Swimmers

POW (Pool Open Water) is sweeping across America as swimmers and triathletes start to gear up for the summer open water swimming and triathlon season.

Among Special Olympics athletes, Karen Pratz of the Ocean City Recreation Department at the Ocean City Aquatics and Fitness Center in New Jersey started POW workouts earlier this year.

Now, POW has spread to the West Coast under the leadership of Christine Wilson, Director of Special Events, Special Olympics Northern California.

Yesterday, we held a Pool Open Water swim at the Special Olympics practice in Marin County. I worked with a wonderful coach, Richard Ellis who is the coach of Tiburon Milers Sam Silver and Jeffrey Peterman, and Glenda Carroll, chair person for Open Water Swimming for Pacific Masters Swimming, to set up the POW workout.”

I could not be happier with how the athletes took to POW. Sam and Jeffrey were thrilled with being able to show off their skills.

The other athletes wanted to try it out and did fantastic. All were very excited to try something new and had a great time

We were limited to space, but we set up the two buoys in the deep end of the pool at a diagonal so the athletes were not far from the wall in case they tired. But the athletes just kept going and did not want to stop until we had them take a break. We had the athletes go around the buoys on both sides so they could get the most out of the exercise.”

Richard was equally happy with the first POW workout for Special Olympics athletes west of the Rockies, “I know everyone who participated really enjoyed it. I was amazed at the endurance and enthusiasm of our swimmers.”

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