The Power Of Quiet In The Open Water

The Power Of Quiet In The Open Water

Solitude matters,” says TED sensation Susan Cain who wrote Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking where she wrote about the differences and potential of introverts and extroverts.

While extroverts are largely celebrated and encouraged in modern society, especially in the United States, Susan estimates that about 50% of Americans are natural introverts.

She describes the introverts as individuals who can focus well and can best perform alone, but are less effective in brainstorming sessions and mandatory teamwork situations at work or other social situations.

While an extrovert has the persuasive ability to sway a group in his or her direction in face-to-face situations, the introverts can generate better ideas and better solve problems alone first before jumping into a group. This may be why the Interwet may be helping so many swimmers and race directors come up with great new races, innovative new swims, beneficial new services and enjoyable new training methodologies. Individuals can think of their new ideas alone in private and then pose it to others online. Instead of an immediate verbal response or rebuttal like what would have in a face-to-face discussion, a swimmer’s friends and colleagues can respond with an email, message or text after some time to ponder the idea in a measured way.

The emotion of a smile or a wink is replaced by an emicon or some kind words of encouragement in an online conversation that can take time on Facebook, mobile texting or forums. The negativity inherent in a grimace, frown or snort is downplayed in text form (usually).

So while the Interwet is bringing together the global community of open water swimming in a seemingly cacophony of communications, it is also concurrently allowing the exchange of information and feedback to become, conversely, more supportive and thoughtful. And this new form of human interaction is, in our opinion, helpful, promising and productive.

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Steven Munatones