Practice Needs To Be Specific

Practice Needs To Be Specific

Event director Glenn Taylor and the organisers of the First National Kimberly Lake Argyle Swim provided some great training advice to the competitors in the upcoming 10 km and 20 km race in Lake Argyle in Western Australia.

What we practice becomes permanent. So if you are in the pool every day, swim 2.5 km at a steady pace, you will become very good at swimming 2.5 km at a steady pace. However, if on race day you are in a quad 10 km team, taking turns at swimming flat-out for 5 minutes each, then your 2.5 km sessions at steady pace will not be great race day practice.

Get your team together, talk about the length of turns your team is planning, then get down the pool and practice. So in the above example, practice swimming fast for 5 minutes and rest, recover (it is a great idea to even practice what you will eat and drink between swims) then go again, and again, and again – you get the idea. Practice what you will be doing on race day!

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Steven Munatones