Practicing And Perfecting In Heron Lake

Practicing And Perfecting In Heron Lake

Heron Lake is managed as a not-for-profit organisation and is one of the biggest open water swimming venues in England.

Located 100 metres off the M25 junction 13, Heron Lake offers beautiful surroundings, safe and clean water, a clubhouse with showers, changing facilities, food, hot drinks, and ample vehicle parking available for over 150 cars. The setting draws over 600 open water swimmers per week as one of the premier open water swimming locations to swim in Berkshire and Thames valley.

Heron Lake is a perfect facility to test out new wetsuits, receive coaching on open water swimming or train for your next event,” touts its website. The facilities are open from April 27th until mid-September 2012 at £5 per person per session or £40 for 10 sessions or £300 for 100 sessions.

Coaching sessions cover warming up, drafting, putting on/taking off wetsuits, visualisation, exiting the water, navigation, pacing, breathing, mass starts, and guided transition training.

Significant donations are given to the British Disabled Water Skiing Association that has its headquarters at Heron Lake. This money helps provide support to disabled athletes and those rehabilitating from injury.

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