The Pre-Dawn Tranquility Of The Open Water

The Pre-Dawn Tranquility Of The Open Water

Catalina Channel swimmers know it … the stillness of night swimming when bioluminescence is visible on the water’s surface and a dark calm settles over the ocean.

Early morning swimmers – from Michigan to Melbourne, Manila to Messina – know it … the quiet serenity of the pre-dawn hours when darkness blankets the water and peacefulness quiets the soul.

The Henley Swim Classic captures and packages that tranquility for the many who wish to participate in a pre-dawn celebration of open water swimming. Tom Kean and Jeremy Laming, two oarsman, organize one of the most unusual swims on Henley On Thames in Oxfordshire, England on a rowing course.

Everyone can swim against the stream between the rower’s ‘booms’ used in the Henley Royal Regatta. Stunning scenery and the hour of day make for an unforgettable experience both for swimmers and spectators, who can follow the whole race, up-close, on the tow-path.”

Photo from the Henley Swim Classic, one of the World’s Top 100 Open Water Swims.

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Steven Munatones